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 Serving Fort Campbell Criminal, Military and Families 

At Phillips Law PLLC, our lawyers are qualified to help you. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your Family Law (Divorce and Custody) Military Matter or Criminal.  Call us and see how we can help you. We represent clients world-wide.

  • For those interested in James Philllips’ Divorce in Tennessee blog go to

    Aggressively Representing both Military and Civilian Clients

    Our Clarksville Tennessee and Fort Campbell Lawyers have made a name representing clients in both contested and uncontested divorces.  We also have represented high profile criminal cases.  We currently are representing four clients pending murder charges.  But don’t worry, we are also not afraid of the smaller cases. The US District Court (Magistrate Court) on Fort Campbell is a prime stomping ground for us and we have achieved phenomenal results there.  We are here to help you and want to aggressively defend you.  Almost always in a case, it is better to move forward aggressively, rather than to wait on the other side.  That is what we will do for you.

  • When it comes to military cases, James Phillips has distinguished himself as one of the top military lawyers in the nation. As a former JAG, James Phillips can handle cases for soldiers and their family members at Fort Campbell and throughout the world. We will travel anywhere to defend soldiers in Courts-Martial, Administrative Separation Boards, Article 15s and Medical Evaluation Boards. Attorney Phillips has handled military cases in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Illinois, Virginia, Kuwait and Iraq. Having an experienced lawyer at your side during your Court-Martial or Separation hearing willmake the difference in the outcome of your case. You need a lawyer who is familiar with military courts and who is not intimidated by military judges, the Chain of Command or military prosecutors.Click here for appointment!

    Contact our attorneys regarding your legal matter today!



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