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Communication Wins Cases

Let’s cut through it.  You want a lawyer who is aggressive and will find a way to win your case.  I have a unique vision of what it means to be a lawyer.  I win through communication. I win by telling your story in a legal argument.

Whether it is a Security Clearance Revocation. discharge upgrade case, a board of corrections case, a courts-martial or administrative separation, the winning strategy to understand the client’s story.  I want to know what you know. One of the most important aspects of the case is our interview process.

“You as a client know your case better than anyone else.  You tell me how to win the case.”

Nationally Recognized Military Law Attorney

I practice military law in the US and around the World.  I am primarily a military lawyer, but every once in awhile I will venture into the Civilian Criminal World. I have been lead counsel in many high profile international military law cases. As lead counsel in US v. Martin, I had a major victory in a case that remains at the forefront of defending UCMJ 120 cases. This national case was followed in the national media as a example of Government overreaching in UCMJ 120 cases. see “Army major found not guilty of sexual assault charges.”

As lead counsel in US v. Warner, where my client was accused of premeditated murder of an Iraqi terrorist, resulted in complete dismissal of the murder charge.

I had a Fort Knox recruiter’s sexual assault case dismissed through USAREC. This was a rare event these days. The case was dismissed at the Article 32, preliminary hearing.

Right after that, I had a military judge alone recruiter case where my client was accused by two future recruits, not guilty.

I have represented numerous helicopter pilots have had excellent results with one of my clients being retained after a negative 15-6, with a complete removal of all adverse information in his AMHRR at the DASEB. I had another officer retained on active duty after a “show cause” board and serious allegations of misconduct at Fort Rucker. Another pilot had a GOMOR removed from his record and has been fully restored in all of his rank and priveleges.

A former Afghanistan veteran was fully acquired of a “shaken baby case” in April 2017. This was a four year victory and now we are working to upgrade his discharge. The judge in the case referred to my close as the best they had ever heard in a criminal case.

This past year I have had a publicized US Army Quality Management Program victory. My client had his entire Military Records expunged of all adverse documents while beating the QMP process.

As a military law attorney, while stationed at Fort Campbell as an Army JAG, I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) and spent three years at the Fort Campbell Office of the Staff Judge Advocate. I proudly served as the “Strike” – Second Brigade Combat Team- Trial Counsel, represented more than a thousand clients in my capacity as a Legal Assistance Attorney and Chief of Legal Assistance. At the end of my military career, I was assigned to Trial Defense Services as a Defense Counsel at the Fort Campbell Office for Trial Defense Services Region III. I have also represented numerous clients as a Civilian Defense Counsel.

Phillips Law, PLLC

James Phillips is the founder of Phillips Law, PLLC, and can be contacted on his cell phone at (931) 217-7648, which currently is a law firm with two attorneys.

My Credentials

I am a graduate of Vanderbilt Law School. I have been in private practice in Clarksville since 2005 and my firm has represented over 6000 clients. I represented Country Singer Terry Clark’s husband in their Nashville Divorce.  I was also involved in a paternity case involving Brian McKnight. These high-profile celebrity cases both had very favorable resolution for my clients.

I am a member of the American Bar Association and the Tennessee Bar Association. I am a member of the Tennessee Trial Lawyer’s Association. I was admitted to practice in Tennessee and in the United States District Court for Middle Tennessee.

Other Accomplishments

I graduated from Vanderbilt Law School in May 2001. While at Vanderbilt, I interned with the Nashville Metro District Attorney’s Office. I also successfully represented social security clients at administrative hearings while a member of the Vanderbilt Civil Legal Aid Clinic.

Among my other accomplishments, I lead the effort to establish the Mosul Office of Judicial Operation (MOJO) in April 2003 in Mosul, Iraq. My office, consisting of two Iraqi Attorneys, two military attorneys and two paralegals, tracked detainee operations and initiated the rebuilding of the Iraqi Judicial System in Northern Iraq. I was awarded a Bronze Star for his efforts in Iraq. We were also featured on National Public Radio.

48 thoughts on “Military Lawyer James Phillips

  1. I have been passed over twice for promotion to major in the nurse corp. I have almost 23 years active/reserve time with almost 18 active years. I am 6 months away from sanctuary for active duty retirement and i have not been selected for continuation. I have an impeccable record with no disciplinary actions. I have 3 tours to the middle east and received my accolades. I now have a separation date of 31 oct 2016, one month before sanctuary. This past board, they promoted someone in the zone who didn’t have their PME. Please tell me if I can sue for retirement since I am so close and not given continuation.

    • I was in a court-martial all week long last week. I’m sorry that I missed your text. If you could, text me at 931–2 17–7648. I will set up a time to talk to you on the phone.

  2. Is there any hope of upgrading a less than honorable discharge (failed drug test for cannabis) from the Coast Guard? At the time they had a policy to do this on the first offense unlike the other services which offered a program to break the dependence and with satisfactory completion you could stay in service. . I had over 5 years of service with good performance reports. Now because it was a General discharged I have no VA benefits.

    • The discharge can be upgraded. Email me the paperwork at, so I can look at what you have. Also, text me at 931-217-7648 so we can set up a time to talk. If you want to call to set up an appointment call 931-217-8189 and Tiffony, my office manager, will set up a hard time appointment on my calendar. Jamie Phillips

  3. Rashid Muhaymin
    My story in very long too long for email so I’ll just do my best. I’m not sure if you deal with V.A. disability matters but it’s worth the try. U.S. Marine 6 years 9 months of service. I injured my back in 1984 building a combat bridge, was threaten not to report it at the time, but I did. Re-injured my back in 1986 car accident on base. 6 years 9 months total active service time more than 4 years on limited duty because of injury. I requested an early discharge which was granted but my command somehow was able to get my discharge changed from a medical board for my back to a personality disorder. I filed for disability in 1990. I received two letters from the V.A. One stating they received my request, and the second one requesting any outside medical paperwork if I had any. I was at my resident for 13 years and never got another response from the V.A. Later talking to other sr. vets I was told to contact the V.A. and re-apply for benefits and see what they say. My second attempt was successful at 10%. That was changed about 5 months later to 50%. I had asked what happened to my first claim. The rep. said it was denied. When I got my package the second time around it explained that you have 1 year from the date to appeal your claim if it has been denied. I never got such a letter. I’ve requested that original denied letter and has not received it yet. It’s been over 18 months now. What the military never told me but I found out years later is that I had two different entries in my military medical records from the base orthopedic requesting that I be discharged because of my injuries. The first entry was after the first injury same doctor second entry after second injury. I had a number of other injuries over my service time being forced to trained while on light duty. I was to know how do I get my benefits from all those past years. I was married with two kids after 1990. How do I get my discharge changed to reflect it’s original intent? My military lawyer said that my discharge was illegal. I have that paperwork as well. This is a summary not all in detail, but I have all of my medical records and more. Help me if you can.

  4. i got out of the Amy in 1999 stayed in a little over 90 days got a uncartrized discharge is it still possible to get my discharge upgraded

  5. My name is Elijah Blair. I deployed to Iraq and while there my i.p. address was used to download child pornography. Because of that, I was arrested and convicted. I am looking for a lawyer to do a probono case to help me expunge my record. Thank you for reading this!

  6. Sir I was in the military marines and army for a total of 17 years and 8 or 10 months and in 2011 I received a other than honorable discharge for a domestic violence case. I was demoted to the rank of E-1 from E-7 without a 4187 being processed. I had never been in trouble during my entire time in the military and I have received all my good conduct medals. I was a green beret in the 3rd group on fort bragg. I was wondering is there any possibility of having my OTH upgraded to an honorable?

  7. So I was being charged with falsified statement saying I saw underage drinking, they only had one statement saying I did, I went to drb and got a counciling chit, now that both the people being charge with underage drinking went to mass, now the other one is saying I did, should I expect for them to reup the charge?

  8. Long story, but the short version is as follows: I was removed from a special duty after I received an LOR. I submitted a 138. I later found out that a SNCO purposely withheld evidence that contradicted his statement. The 138 process was pretty much already over, so I contacted IG, but they refuse to look into it. I have no idea how to proceed and I am looking for assistance. Thank you.

  9. In san deigo found your site by looking updd form293 i went for va hwaring got 100% disability but i need discharge upgrade i was a teenager did not knows the horrow if you see you can help i can visit clRksville i was discharged from ft cambell thank you

  10. Served 19yrs 11 no and 20plus days was ADSEP General Under Honorable Conditions. Is there a way to upgrade and get my pention and other retirement benefits.

  11. Yes I was charged for larceny. For taking something back to the navy exchanged. The military said the navy exchanged could not find a receipt to the items. But I showed them my bank records. But no answer on seeing any of my information.

  12. Gm! I need help with upgrading a OTH from the US Army to a General under Honorable conditions or better yet to a Honorable Discharge will all benefits restored including the GI, and your expertise to this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank-You very much and Have a Blessed Christmas!”😀

  13. Can a uncharacterized discharge be reversed? I was discharged under this with an RE 3 code because the doctor claimed my hernia was prior to enlistment. Which was not true because i didnt have any medical issues before enlistment.

  14. Hi i was discharged with a general under honorable for drinking under age as i fell into a depression and my unit was under investigation for hazing and i was wondering if i could get it upgraded to a honorable discharge i got a AR 15 for threatening a sg for threatening to put his hands on me first they did not include that in the ar 15 but if we could talk i would be very greatful im in tennessee.

  15. MR. James Phillips has been a great attourney for the attempt to get my Military Retirement earlier than having to wait till age 60 to receive my Retirement monthly pay, for my PTSD disability that I have has since before I retired from the US Army National Guard in 2009.
    Mr. Phillips has been so knowledgeable and prompt so cw he has started representing me in my case. He is very encouraging that he will be able to win my case, with all the information paperwork that I provided to him…
    I recommend Mr. Phillips to any Military service member that needs help on their discharge changed through their Military Records…

  16. I was in the Marine Corps from 2005 to 2009. I was given a BCD and court martial for uttering worthless checks. I wanted to try and get a upgrade. Is it possible?

  17. Received a general under honorable discharge for popping hot in the ca ng. Is it possible to upgrade to honorable?

  18. Hello,
    Curious if you can help. I was Discharged from the US Navy in 2013 at my 12 year mark. NCIS investigated my case and presented the charge of Indecent Sexual Contact to my command. NJP for at least article 92. DD214 says Discharge (serious offense). A board deemed my discharge OTH. I was wondering if I may be able get it upgraded and if I am still legally eligible for benefits. I have had a few speeding tickets since I been out but haven’t been arrested or any other kind of trouble with the law.
    I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

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