Military Administrative Separation

An administrative separation board is an option for a service member to challenge an involuntary separation from service, thus avoiding a “general discharge” or an “other than honorable discharge.” The separation board will consist of three officers who will hear evidence and make a recommendation to a superior officer, usually an admiral or general, who will then make the final decision.

James Phillips is a military law attorney who is experienced in representing service members during an administrative separation board hearing. Having a skilled attorney on your side at your hearing will likely make all the difference in the outcome of your case and whether you are discharged or are allowed to return to service. It is our goal to help you avoid a separation from military service when that is not what you want.

This is an example of a recent victory.

Military lawyer James Phillips is a former Army JAG with experience on both sides of military trials and hearings, as both defense and prosecution. He uses his knowledge and personal experience to his clients’ benefit and can defend soldiers in administrative separation board hearings locally at Fort Campbell, outside of Clarksville, Tennessee and throughout the rest of the US and the world. He has represented soldiers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Illinois, Kuwait & Iraq.

You may be notified of separation due to any one of a number of serious offenses, including:

  • Drug abuse
  • Civilian criminal conviction
  • Pattern of misconduct
  • Commission of a serious offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
  • Homosexuality
  • Weight or health issues
  • Performance of duty below the standard


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  1. If a person was in the national guards for six years and received a honorable discharge, would they be consider a veteran and receive the same benefits.

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