Jameson Hazelbower

Recent Sensational Post Story I represented Jameson Hazelbower at a Courts-Martial at Fort Campbell Kentucky. The Washington Post recently wrote a story on this case. The headline “Suspected rapist goes AWOL; no Army search.” was extremely sensational and inflammatory. The case is old.  The conviction took place in May 2015 and Jameson was sent to Fort… Read More

What You Lose When You Plead Guilty Or Go Judge-Alone

This blog was written by Attorney Sean Marvin and can be contacted at: sean@seanmarvinlaw.com  The Appeals Process Each branch of the military has a criminal appeals court.  Those courts review court-martial cases where a Servicemember has been sentenced to any one of the following: Confinement for one year or more, a punitive discharge or dismissal, or… Read More