Discharge Upgrade and Board of Corrections

The Correction of Military Records- to include discharge upgrade goes through the the Secretary of each individual service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard). The Board of Corrections (BCMR) and Discharge Review Board (DRB) are both directly run by the Secretary of each particular service who has the ultimate authority.

A discharge upgrade requires several elements. 1) The best way to correct your record is to find a procedural defect in the process. 2) The second way is to look at whether or not the discharge or adverse information was equitable (Fair) at the time. 3) The final analysis is whether or not it has served it’s purpose now.


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15 thoughts on “Discharge Upgrade and Board of Corrections

  1. My husband is in jail.he has been there for 30 days.snd they told me yesterday that he was going to be in there until court.he is on sucide watch.he want to come home and I do to .please help

  2. How do I get an Entry-level separation reenlistment code changed from 2G to a code that will allow me to reenlist?
    I do not recall being offered help.

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