Army QMP Boards

The U.S. Army’s quality management program (QMP) is governed by Army Regulation Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations (AR) 635-200, Chapter 19.  This program has been at a fever pitch for the last several years. With the Trump Administration, this program has not slowed down. In the US Army, generally, any adverse action that is found within an enlisted Soldiers record can subject them to being separated under QMP.


Most Soldiers use Legal Assistance on their local Fort/Post to defend the action. Generally, the tactics and techniques used by Legal Assistance are outdated. Their advice will be to create a rebuttal letter that claims responsibility for the adverse actions and lifts up the accomplishments of the Soldier. This is a failed tactic. You must decide to fight.

Recently,  I’ve had many Soldiers that have been targeted by this program. Our success rate has been extremely high. We approach the rebuttal process differently than most.  We challenge the idea that you are not an asset to the US Army and we challenge the underlying allegations (to include DASEB appeals and ABCMR), The attacking approach helps to create a packet that justifies you continued service in the Army.

I have attached an QMP Info Paper to help understand the process.