Security Clearance Revocation

Getting the notice that you are losing your security clearance can be devastating. This can be the end of some people’s world. Security Clearances generally hold the key to the job. Most military, overseas jobs, and contractor jobs require a valid security clearance. You must be careful as to what you put in your application. If you have a question, call me first.

Security Clearances are an open investigation into the character of your life. You consent by filing out the “The Standard Form (SF) 86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions” for the Government to investigate your past and present. Answers the questions wrong may open you to exposure.

The most important way to get or keep a security clearance when you have done something that might jeopardize a clearance is to fix the problem. You need to mitigate the damage to your character and to show that you are not a threat to national security. It is important to get a lawyer involved in a revocation case immediately. Will help you do the most immediate thing possible in getting your security clearance restored. FIX THE PROBLEM.

Our firm handles security clearance revocation cases. Generally, there is a fairly high success rate in saving our client’s security clearances. Although, the bar is fairly low for the revocation of a security clearance, the Government tends to look to whether or not you are open to coercion or are a real threat. If you have poor credit, or a criminal offense, the best defense is to honestly face the problem and fix it.